Monday, November 29, 2010

Kuli Chana making it Freshee at Chevelle in Cape Town & Music Videos

click here for kuli-chanas-latest-music-video 'freshe'

Click here for 'I want it all' music video AKA feat Kuli Chana & Pro

Click here to access the song 'Let's Talk Money' by P.S Quint feat Kapital K & KB Massive

A late Sunday night perfomance got a lot of people screaming 'freshe' just a few hours before they go to work.
H.D opened up the perfomance with their 'swagg' orientated music which warmed up the crowd for Mr Freshe...

 The HeadHoncho brothers were there as well showing their support.Familiar cats like Uno July, Dj Trixx, P.S Quint, KB Massive were there to show love too.

by the time Krizzy-David finished introducing Kuli, the crowd was already 'hyped for action' and Dj Fritzz The Cat had already hit the play button.

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