Friday, November 29, 2013

P S Quint featured on a Stunner & KAPITAL K song. Warriors! (Video & Audio)

Stunner, an award winning Zimbabwean rapper went to South Africa where he met up with P S Quint & Kapital K. In a space of 3 hours after he landed they already were at P S Quint's house working on a song. A few more hours and they went to to Colin Sher's studio (P S Quint's producer and sound engineer) and they recorded a song which they titled WARRIORS.

The same night they had to go to perform at Zula Bar. Fans came in massive numbers and were happy to see a collaboration from the 3 rappers.

The next day a music video for the Warriors song was shotand  directed by Tashinga Mutakwa.

You can listen or download the audio below.

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